ECTMIH 2023 Strategic Committee: Alay Llamas

We caught up with ECTMIH 2023 Strategic Committee member Dr Alay Llamas to hear about her role and her thoughts on this year's Congress:

Alay is a general physician from the Philippines where she worked in underserved areas in partnership with an NGO called BayanihanMD. 

She acquired her Master’s in Public Health/ International Course for Health Development from KIT Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam in 2018 and then joined UMC Utrecht as a project manager for CATAPULT (capacity strengthening in epidemiology and public health), in partnership with Elevate Health and the Asian University for Women in Bangladesh. 

She is passionate about adolescent sexual and reproductive health rights and maternal health. Additionally, she is engaged in planetary health research and education activities, coordinating the Planetary Health course  at University Medical Center Utrecht. 

Alay serves on the Strategic Committee and the Scientific Committee.

Some key takeaways from Alay:

The rationale for planetary health as the overarching focus of ECTMIH2023 

It is time that we recognise that we are highly dependent on our environments; the damage that we have inflicted on the planet is already impacting our health and wellbeing and will definitely affect the most vulnerable populations and the future generations the hardest.

Aspects of the ECTMIH 2023 programme Alay is most proud of so far

The equity and social justice lens through which all aspects of planning and execution of the programme are being considered, in addition to a transdisciplinary approach, such as a committee for arts and culture.

Alay's personal message to anyone thinking of attending ECTMIH 2023

Planetary health challenges call for a massive collaboration and movement across all sectors; ECTMIH 2023 is a unique opportunity to explore together what we can do to create a brighter future for the generations to come.

Check out the full interview with Alay here:

ECTMIH2023 is co-organised by University Medical Center Utrecht, Universiteitsweg 100, 3584 CG Utrecht, Netherlands
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