Post-ECTMIH optional programme: a full day of events at locations inside and outside of Utrecht

Options will include:

09:00 Witness in Stone tour 

KIT Mauritskade 64, 1092 AD, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This tour of KIT's historic building is an initiative aimed at decolonisation, and it will be a glimpse into KIT’s colonial history and its decolonisation efforts.

10:00 Enacting climate action and response through meaningful partnerships

KIT Mauritskade 64, 1092 AD, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

KIT Royal Tropical Institute will host its Power of Knowledge annual conference in partnership with ECTMIH 2023 and delegates are invited to join the two-hour discussion around this year’s topic for the Power of Knowledge: ‘Enacting climate action and response through meaningful partnerships.’

In this hybrid panel discussion you will explore the role companies and organizations play in climate action and response efforts, and how we can achieve climate justice through bold and equitable partnerships. 

The event will include a panel of inspirational speakers, who will identify frequently faced challenges and share examples of solutions. The panel will be followed by group work to develop ideas for position papers, and close with networking over tea and coffee.

12:20 Witness in Stone tour

KIT Mauritskade 64, 1092 AD, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A second opportunity to take this tour on decolonisation efforts at KIT if you miss the 09:00 slot

Register for Witness in Stone and the Power of Knowledge here

16:00 Spaceship Earth

Remco Kort, Milo Grootjen, Tomás van Gorp

ARTIS Planetarium, ARTIS Zoo, Plantage Kerklaan 38-401018 CZ Amsterdam

In the entire universe, there is only one planet where we know for certain there is life. Even on this vast scale of nature, everything for life on our planet is connected. Discover the uniqueness and fragility of our planet in the Planetarium show Spaceship Earth. You will be challenged to make a promise to Earth for: on this ship there are no passengers, we are all crew.


The maximum capacity is 300 attendees. Please download the ticket below, which is valid from 15:30 onwards, for entry into ARTIS-Park. Once inside, head towards the ARTIS-Planetarium located to the left of the entrance.

ARTIS Spaceship Earth ticket
ECTMIH2023 is co-organised by University Medical Center Utrecht, Universiteitsweg 100, 3584 CG Utrecht, Netherlands
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