Screen 1: Diagnostics

Utility of the loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay for the diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis from blood samples in Ethiopia (Dawit Gebreegziabiher Hagos)

Development of a fair based data pipeline for routine syphilis screening during antenatal care visits: the case of Ayder Comprehensive and Specialized Hospital (Samson Yohannes Amare et al.)

Human rabies diagnosis in Mali: example of an onsite-online implementation in a One Health approach (Zakaria Keita et al.)

Perceptions and priorities for the development of multiplex rapid diagnostic tests for acute non-malarial fever in rural South and Southeast Asia: an international modified e-Delphi survey (Rusheng Chew et al.)

Proteomics an agnostic approach to detect viral species (Armand Paauw et al.)

Validation of international alliance for the control of scabies diagnostic criteria in the population of the Cayapas river, Esmeraldas, Ecuador (Virginia Velasco-Tirado et al.)

Screen 2: Governance and policy

Documenting the perspectives of sub-Saharan African policy makers, researchers and activists on the reproductive rights, population dynamics, and environmental sustainability nexus (Céline Delacroix et al.)

Long-term effects of donor support to maternal and child health service delivery improvements at sub-national level in Uganda: a qualitative study (Eric Ssegujja et al.)

The political economy of the financing and policy implementation of sexual and reproductive health and rights in East and Southern Africa: a multilevel study (Eelco Jacobs et al.)

Lessons learnt from the implementation of the ministerial order on safe abortion in Rwanda (Emery Jocelyne Ingabire et al.)

Integration of mental health care in Burundi: framework for action and current situation (Achour Ait Mohand et al.)

Is having national health insurance protecting youth from out of pocket? A study of youth healthcare-seeking behaviour in a province in Indonesia (Relmbuss Fanda et al.)

Screen 3: Infectious disease epidemiology

Seroprevalence of toxoplasmosis among pregnant women in Rabat, Morocco (Majda Laboudi et al.)

Estimating the prevalence of chronic infections among migrants in Catalonia, Spain: results of a multicentric systematic screening programme (Angeline Cruz et al.)

Seroprevalence of Coxiella burnetii, Rickettsia spp. and Orientia tsutsugamushi in indigenous tribes from the Santa Marta region, Colombia (Regina Oakley et al.)

The added-value of an integrated One Health surveillance and response strategy for the control of Rift Valley fever outbreak in Sudan (Ayman Ahmed et al.)

Aetiology and outcomes of cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma in Blantyre, Malawi: observational case-control and cohort study (Benno Kreuels et al.)

The evolving epidemiology and ecology of mpox in Maniema, Democratic Republic of the Congo: Findings from a decade of surveillance data (Eugene Bangwen et al.)

Screen 4: Obstetric services

Perinatal care for refugees in the Netherlands: challenges of professionals in asylum-seeking centres. A survey study (Sabrine Lazaar et al.)

Identifying barriers and solutions to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) at district level through district SRHR planning: a case study Manikganj, Bangladesh (Abu Hussain Md. Moinul Ahsan et al.)

Inequalities in availability of obstetric services hinders provision of quality integrated care for HIV, tuberculosis and malaria during antenatal and postnatal care in Tanzania: a mixed-methods study (Deogratius Bintabara et al.)

Challenges mothers face when their newborns are admitted to a neonatal unit of a teaching hospital in Rwanda (Pascal Havugarurema et al.)

Missed opportunities to reduce pregnancy related morbidity and mortality from tuberculosis in Kenya and Nigeria: a cross-sectional study (Uzochukwu Egere et al.)

Screen 5: Tuberculosis

Evaluation of loop mediated isothermal amplification and lateral flow based POC analysis for detection of mycobacterium tuberculosis and non-tuberculous mycobacterium infections (Chae Seung Lim et al.

Using spatial analysis of routine data through MATCH and AccessMod to inform subnational TB programme planning in Lesotho (Ramatsoai Soothoane et al.)

Using private TB sector sales data to refine subnational burden estimates in Pakistan (Christina Mergenthaler et al.)

Private sector engagement in the tuberculosis cascade of care: a meta-analysis of TB REACH projects (Harry Coleman et al.)

Effects of the installation of 52 digital X-ray systems across Ghana on TB notifications and quality of care: a mixed-method outcome evaluation (Nwanneka Okere et al.)

Screen 6: Mental health

Intersections of vulnerability, resilience, and mental health impacts of climate change on women living in river islands in Assam, India (Abdul Azad et al.)

The social outcomes of community-based sociotherapy for refugees in Nakivale settlements, Uganda (Tessa Ubels et al.)

Psychometric validation of depression, anxiety, and stress scale (DASS-21) among typhoon survivors in the Philippines (John Jamir Benzon Aruta)

Association between positive rational acceptance and depression, anxiety, and stress among Filipino emerging adults (Zypher Jude Regencia et al.)

Prevalence and risk factors related to postpartum depression among women after giving birth in a mountainous area of Vietnam (Thi Thanh Huong Nguyen et al.)

Screen 7: Viral infections

A scoping literature review of global dengue age-stratified seroprevalence: estimating dengue force of infection in endemic countries (Anna Vicco et al.)

Viral dynamics and clinical outcomes of dengue virus serotype 2 (DENV-2) the Dominican Republic, 2022 (Robert Paulino-Ramírez et al.)

Track to improve the predictive capacity of EWARS signals for early detection of dengue epidemics (Hilda Delgado Acosta et al.)

Survey of Aedes mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) breeding sites in the Sunyani municipality, Bono Region, Ghana (Samuel Yaw Agyemang-Badu et al.)

Health system readiness for dengue outbreak in the Kathmandu Valley: health provider perspectives on facilitators and barriers to dengue outbreak 2022 in a temperate climate (Ruby Maka Shrestha et al.)

Screen 8: non-communicable diseases

Systematic review of cost of illness studies in cervical cancer (Oluwatosin Kuti)

Characterization of traumatic brain injury research in the Middle East and North Africa region: a systematic review (Samar Al Hajj et al.)

Hyponatremia as a tool in predicting the mortality and functional outcome of the patient of acute cerebrovascular accident: a prospective study from Jodhpur, India (Shilpi Goyal et al.)

Health economic indicators used to measure the value of rehabilitation in low- and middle-income countries: a scoping review (Rulanda Oosthuizen et al.)

Cardiovascular risk inequalities in low- and middle-income countries

Social determinants of cardiovascular health in middle-aged men from northern Ghana: an AWI-Gen sub-study (Engelbert Nonterah et al.)

Screen 9: Community

Antibiotic recognition strategies and current trends of antibiotic use among community members in Matlab, Bangladesh (Md Matin et al.)

Approaches to community engagement in maternal health research in the sub-Saharan African context: a scoping review (Dora van Duijvendijk et al.)

Patient characteristics and care provided as part of a community health worker programme for management of hypertension in rural Haiti (Kyle Denison Martin et al.)

Fight against non-communicable diseases: effects of the sensitization sessions over households in the Savè-Ouessè health zone (Ezin Jocelyn Akakpo et al.)

Screen 10: Epidemiology and research

From principles to practice: a mixed-methods study on research integrity and fairness in global health research (Joseph B. Sempa et al.)

Vulnerability in learning from crises: an ethnographic study into healthcare governance practices during the Dutch 2021 flooding events (Karin van Vuuren et al.)

Factors influencing place of delivery in Ethiopia: linking individual, household, and health facility-level data ( Adiam Sendek)

Antenatal ultrasound services at health centre level: monitoring, evaluation and programme learning in one district pilot in Rwanda, 2022 (Mélanie Mukantagara et al.)

Improving maternal health in low- and middle-income country health systems with mobile health interventions: exploratory case studies (Vedika Kundi)

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